The 10th Edition Design Mission Turkey 2015 has been formulated in a manner to effectuate timely delivery of proposed development projects across residential, retail, office, healthcare, education and hospitality sectors.

An area that we see continually strapped to the back-bench is the planning, procurement, sustainable action, architectural design and technical functions. But we intend to radically change this perception.

Unlike regular conferences, our focus through the 2 day initiative will be upon enabling a deal flow platform in the manner of scheduled face to face interactions amongst buyers and solution providers based precisely upon a given projects immediate requirements. At IDE we follow a stringent process to pre-qualify each of our buyer and solution provider representatives.

Hosting 150+ key decision makers involved in the execution and delivery of a given project, DM Turkey 2015 aims to accelerate project delivery and ensure timely completion of proposed development projects as sustainably as possible.